tha male tale podcast

The following is the twelve-part series of the podcast ‘The Male Tale’, produced in the summer of 2020 as part of the activities of the previous blog ‘Stalker sarai tu’.

1) Innocents can't be silenced

The storytelling today loads men’s shoulders with blames and responsibilities that are not up to them and that don’t exist. Men must learn to claim their own innocence.

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Innocents can't be silenced

2) Big boys don't cry

Big boys don’t cry. Male suffering and its possible reactions. Getting out from the stereotype with self respect.

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Big boys don't cry

3) Why men can't stand still

The man’s main feature is dynamism. Man qualifies for what he does and has, never for who he is (as usual for women). But this is not an obstacle, it is an opportunity.

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Why men can't stand still

4) Virile like Ulysses

Ulysses as archetype of virility, meant as power oriented to knowledge and understanding, with its costs and its enemies. Being men as a hard homecoming and resilient reaction to fate’s jokes.

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Virile like Ulysses

5) Only men have the muse

The male creative power has the privilege of the muse, feminine inspiration, starting and arriving point. Without ever fearing losses or failures. Because the man is the maker and life itself needs makers.

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Only men have the muse

6) The father is a catapult

“In the name of the father and son…”: It’s just a ritual formula or there’s some more meaning in this bond? The man-father function is essential not only for the individual but for the whole human community.

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The father is a catapult

7) The male frugality that saves the world

Man economizes energies, is not afraid of frugality or the deprivations that it could imply, if he decided to pursue his ethical goals or if he knows he must take action. In an era of consuming without brakes, male frugality is element of salvation.

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The male frugality that saves the world

8) That innate masculine side called honor

The sense of honor is closely connected to virtue and the inner need to stand out for oneself and for society. Working to be honored and knowing how to recognize the honor of others, in an interior effort based on solid principles, is an ethical key that finds little acceptance today, with a system that wants superficial communities pervaded by envy.

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That innate masculine side called honor

9) Men, solitude and silence

Man prefers silence and solitude to rivers of words and the mass around him. This is so because his inner life induces him to prefer contexts where reflection, even very deep, and attention can be better exercised, for his own benefit or for the benefit of others.

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Men, solitude and silence

10) The sublime beauty of male sensuality

The male sexual drive passes almost always through the eyes, and it’s something powerful and positive, despite what the common narrative says. It proposes an equal encounter: male passion and female sensuality. Another form of creation where the one doesn’t exist without the other.

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The sublime beauty of male sensuality

11) The exclusivity of male eros

For men nothing can be erotic but women. They are the true erotic polarity, just because of this exlusivity, that entails great responsibilities: first, being capable of controlling the related power, to avoid troubles but above all to set a new kind of relations with women.

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The exclusivity of male eros

12) Man, his past and his future

Men and women, each for their part, have been builder of the reality we know. Today that work is reason for an unjustified envy and inexplicable hate fowards male gender. It remains indispensable that men and women get back meeting and recognizing again, to start building the future together again.

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Man, his past and his future