Andrew Tate: false accusations dropped, counter-attack begins

Andrew Tate is a former kickboxing champion. Born in the USA, he also holds British citizenship and, since his retirement from the ring, has become a well-known influencer. On the basis of his sporting (and consequently also economic) successes, he and his brother Tristan have built a media empire based on his charisma and communicative power on topics that are hotly debated and, to a large extent, of interest also to this site. Masculinity, male-female relations, genderism, among others, are topics that Tate has addressed and addresses on his social channels and wherever he is interviewed. He does so with a fighting spirit: although he is gifted with an eloquence that shows he has read more than one book, he rarely uses the foil, preferring the scimitar and sometimes the bazooka in opposing the promoters of the dominant narrative, which he emblematically calls ‘the matrix’. It could be said that Tate, through his social channels, translates into a less sophisticated and more muscular form the much more refined elaborations of a Jordan Peterson or a Warren Farrell and also for this reason finds a large and enthusiastic audience, especially among the young.

Because of his communicative style, Tate is either loved or hated, with no middle ground. He willingly plays with this polarisation to increase his own visibility, with strongly heretical stances (reinforced by his recent conversion to Islam): the man must learn to ‘be a man’ and the woman must be a woman, both profoundly different, with a steely self-love, but called upon to play complementary roles, where the optimum is represented by an alliance based on respect, mutual recognition of strengths and weaknesses and, where possible, love. Not only that: children should not be touched in their life course, generally speaking, nor should they be influenced on matters they are unable to understand (relationships or sexual orientations, for example). Nor can the state arrogate to itself the right to decide who and how a couple’s children should be educated, or what language should be used towards minorities, and so on. A heretic, in short, in a world where the dominant thought and progressive political correctness rule the day. With what disruptiveness and flamboyance Tate asserts his heresy is easy to ascertain simply by searching for his videos around the net. Here is an example, one of his podcasts turned into a ‘motivational’ video:

The video after the release.

Having achieved extraordinary global visibility, thanks to a very astute management of his social channels, in a short time Tate, who has meanwhile moved to Romania, has become a thorn in the side of the system, a disruptive element all too capable of awakening consciences and mobilising wills reduced to slumber by a media bombardment well aimed at the castration of men and the revanchist victimisation of women. In proclaiming (and embodying in himself) a recovery of male pride as a positive and propulsive element for the entire human community, Tate became a target and just under a year ago ended up in prison, in Romania, on charges of human trafficking. In detail, the charge consisted of having plagued a number of women with his charm, convincing them to perform on TikTok, and then stealing their earnings. An accusation tangential to the exploitation of prostitution, but argued in a bizarre way. However, it is a charge that is taken very seriously in Romania, so much so that Tate and his brother were first thrown in jail for three months, then under house arrest for a further six, to allow the investigation to take place.

What was the low calibre of the accusations and the outcome of the investigation emerged after a while. Tate recounts it, along with other very interesting things, in this long interview he recently gave to Tucker Carlson (a famous American anchor-man, also a victim of the ‘matrix’, who was thrown out of Fox News, despite his ratings, for his critical positions towards the White House and the mainstream). Finally arrived before the judge, after months of detention, Tate had proof of what he himself, his millions of followers and anyone who knows the system suspected: a false, instrumental, fabricated accusation. None of the witnesses questioned, none of the alleged victims involved confirmed what he was accused of. The judge read the file and freed the Tate brothers: ‘bullshit’, as Tate himself would say. A few days after, he immediately released a video of his own, muscular (it’s no coincidence that he is shirtless), ultra-charged, as arrogant as can be that of a rich, successful and above all fearless man who has gone through the gauntlet of a false accusation. Here is the video in question:

The ‘matrix’ took it out on the wrong person.

In essence Tate summarises his case, on which the ‘matrix’ has invested resources and time, with the aim of building a castle of lies to delegitimise and disqualify him in the eyes of international public opinion and his many followers. An apparently well-built castle, so much so that he found himself fighting almost alone, having only his brother and the closest and most loyal members of his team at his side, but which turned out to be made of cards. Which, however, cost him and his brother several months in prison and house arrest. Because of this set of factors, Tate shows himself loaded to the gunnels and, typical of the man who has been the victim of an injustice, does not intend to bow his head, indeed he doubles down with an initiative of great importance and one that we should all keep an eye on. “when I’m released from all of this”, Tate proclaims at the end of the video, “I will use my massive platform and my enormous financial capability to launch a charity to prevent this from happening to many men ever again. This is enough and it’s gonna have to stop, and I’m gonna stop it’.

It has been said: Tate is either loved or hated. You may not like his highly ‘loaded’ ways, nor his arrogance, the display of his wealth, or the mysticism he frequently inserts into his reflections, but it is really hard not to share the heart of his thinking, namely his critical view of the present and the possible solution, hinging on a profound awareness of what men and women are, as the basis for a peaceful and just society. The fact that he is called a misogynist, homophobe, transo-phobe, extremist by the largest and most compromised mainstream media or associated groups only speaks in his favour. Even more so if he really goes ahead with his solidarity fund initiative. It is not just anyone or any association among many who has declared that he wants to do something, but an influencer with millions of followers, a determined man with a very dialectical relationship with fear. In short, one has the impression that this time the ‘matrix’ has taken it out on the wrong person, and we will have proof of this in the near future, seeing how Tate will manage the announced solidarity fund, currently addressed on a web page at the moment still not reachable. For our part, we already support his initiative, will update readers on how it is going and will not fail to urge Tate to see it through.

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